U.S. debt ceiling talks

A Very Temporary Solution in the U.S. Debt Ceiling Debate

October 7, 2021

Progress has been made on averting a U.S. debt default that would otherwise have occurred in the middle of this month, but the reprieve only buys about two extra months. Even so, two months are better than nothing, so equity markets rallied overnight. And the dollar and price of oil moved lower. The dollar fell […] More

Budget Deal Not Finalized Yet

October 11, 2013

A meeting between congressional republicans and President Obama ended yesterday without a finalized extension of the debt ceiling. In overnight trading, Equities advanced by 1.6% in Australia and China, 1.5% in Japan, 1.3% in India, 1.2% in Hong Kong and South Korea, 0.8% in the Philippines and 0.5% in New Zealand. European stocks, by comparison, […] More