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Continuing Brexit Concerns and FOMC Day

June 15, 2016

A fifth published poll of British voters gives an edge to those favoring an exit from the European Union. Today’s main event will be the FOMC statement due at 18:00 GMT and subsequent press conference. China made news in three ways earlier today.  First, MSCI announced it will not include equities in its indices. The second […] More

Failed Greek Debt Negotiations Hammer Stocks in Asia and Europe

June 15, 2015

A lack of progress in Greek debt talks over the weekend maintained heavy selling pressure on equities, which have fallen 4.5% in Greece, 1.6% in Germany and Spain, 2.1% in Italy, 0.9% in Switzerland, 1.2% in France and 0.7% in Britain.  Around the Pacific Rim, stocks fell 2.0% in Hong Kong and Indonesia, 2.1% in […] More

Japanese GDP, Greek Debt Negotiations, and Holiday Closures in North America

February 16, 2015

The 2.2% annualized rise of Japanese real GDP last quarter merely reversed the third-quarter drop and left its level almost 7% lower than in the first quarter.  Real GDP for the year was flat compared to the average 2013 level, and the GDP price deflator’s 2014 increase of 1.6% was only half the size of […] More