Peruvian Central Bank Rate Hike

May 12, 2022

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru’s policy interest rate had been at 2.25% when the pandemic struck in early 2020. Back-to-back percentage point cuts in March and April pinned the rate at 0.25% where it remained for fifteen months. Peruvian CPI inflation of 1.6% in June 2020 had constituted an 18-month low and in the lower half of the CRBP’s target range of 1-3%. But by the August 2021 monthly policy board meeting, inflation had risen above the target ceiling to 3.8%, and a cycle of rate hikes was begun, initially with a 25-basis point increase to 0.50%. Tightening hasn’t skipped a meeting yet. Month by month, the rate was subsequently hiked by 50 basis points starting with the September review, and today’s increase lifts it to 5.0%, its highest since 2009. Even with that diligent attention, inflation rose pretty much in tandem, reaching a 285-month high of 7.96% last month. Street protests have added some urgency to the effort to show progress that the tightening of monetary policy is having some effect. Officials are predicting a return to in-target inflation by sometime within the middle two quarters of 2023 and are hoping that external factors do not make that goal elusive.

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