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Central Bank Watch

Bank of Canada Ends Bond Purchase Stimulus and Signals Slightly Earlier Interest Rate Lift-Off Timing

October 27, 2021

Canada’s policy interest rate has been at 0.25% since a trio of 50-basis point reductions in March 2020. While significant progress has been achieved toward economic and labor market recovery, that task has not yet been sufficiently completed. Various areas of the labor market are not yet all the way back to pre-pandemic conditions. Canada’s […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Dollar Marking Time and Some Profit-Taking in Stocks

October 27, 2021

Wednesday has seen the release of more price data and several measures of economic confidence. Attention is poised to turn to central bank monetary policies. Up first today will be the Bank of Canada followed later in the week by statements from monetary authorities in Euroland, Japan, and Brazil. Stocks in several places touched record […] More