Next Week

March 25, 2016

Quarter’s End:  The coming week bridges the first and second quarters and, for countries like India and Japan, the end of one fiscal year and the start of another.

Europe Goes on Daylight Savings Time:  Clocks move ahead one hour, restoring the London-N.Y. time spread to five hours and the differential with Paris, Madrid, and Brussels to six hours.

Holiday Closures:  Easter Monday in France, Germany, the U.K., Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, South Africa and Finland.  There is also a bank holiday Friday in India.

Central Banking:  Monetary policy meetings in Romania, the Czech Republic and Israel.  San Francisco Fed President Williams and Bank of Canada Deputy Governor Patterson speak publicly.  The Bank of Japan’s quarterly Tankan survey of corporate conditions and expectations gets released on April 1.

Manufacturing Purchasing Manager Surveys:  for March will be reported for Austria, Australia, China, Japan, Euroland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Greece, The Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the United States.

U.S. Data Reports:  Personal spending and income, pending home sales, the Dallas Fed manufacturing index, motor vehicle sales, the Milwaukee and Chicago regional factory PMIs, productivity, unit labor costs, consumer confidence, the Case-Shiller house price index, construction spending, the Reuters/U. Michigan consumer sentiment index and, most importantly, a trio of labor market reports (ADP’s estimate of private jobs growth, the government’s monthly labor force survey, and weekly jobless insurance claims).  Other weekly data are mortgage applications, consumer comfort, energy inventories, and chain store sales.

Euroland Statistics:  Unemployment, consumer prices, money and credit growth, and economic sentiment.

Members of the Eurozone:  German unemployment, retail sales, and the CPI.  French consumer spending and producer prices.  Italy’s CPI, PPI, jobless rate, and consumer and business sentiment.  Spanish retail sales and consumer prices.  The Austrian, Spanish, and Dutch current accounts.  Greek and Austrian producer prices.  Cypriot and Portuguese industrial production.  Finnish consumer confidence and Greek and  Portuguese retail sales.

Great Britain, Switzerland and the Czech Republic:  British GDP, current account, M4 money growth, mortgage lending, consumer confidence and Nationwide house price index.  Swiss retail sales, the UBS consumption indicator, and index of leading economic indicators.  Czech GDP.

Nordic Europe:  Swedish and Norwegian retail sales.  Icelandic consumer and producer prices.  Danish GDP, Swedish trade and Norwegian unemployment.

Japanese Statistics:  Industrial production, retail sales, household spending, motor vehicle production and sales, unemployment and employment, small business sentiment, the monetary base, housing starts and construction orders.

Selected Other Asian Data:  The Thai, South Korean, Indian and Chinese current accounts.  Trade figures for Hong Kong and Thailand.  South Korean consumer prices, business sentiment and industrial production.  Hong Kong and South Korean retail sales.  Singaporean producer prices and China’s index of leading economic indicators.  South Korean and Chinese consumer confidence.

Australian and New Zealand:  Australian and New Zealand money and credit growth.  New Zealand housing permits and business sentiment.  Australian new home sales.

Turkey and South Africa:  Turkish GDP.  South African money and credit growth, producer prices and trade figures. 

Canada, Mexico and Brazil.  Canadian monthly GDP and PPI.  Mexican and Brazilian trade figures.  Brazilian producer prices, industrial production and consumer sentiment.

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