To Whom it May Concern

September 2, 2014

Currency Thoughts attracts a steady stream of propositions, most lacking one key element which is a stated fixed money sum that will be paid to the business, Currency Thoughts, if the request is accepted.  Some people propose partnerships.  Others seek to advertise.  Various affiliate programs promise to grow traffic on Currency Thoughts.  Some of the requests involve guest articles to be posted on the Currency Thoughts site.  Others ask for free permission to reprint content from Currency Thoughts on a different site (or perhaps a partial reprinted text with a link).  This will boost the exposure of Currency Thoughts so they promise and is thought to be sufficient compensation.  It isn’t.   Some letters identify a company.  In the past couple of weeks, these include Investor Concepts, IFC Markets, 888 Markets, Pennystockconspiracy, Cashbackforex,, and Forex Strategy Builder.  Others merely say they represent a client that wishes anonymity but imply that I would be truly impressed if the identity could be revealed.

Listen up.  Nothing is going to be considered without a clearly transparent statement of a money amount being offered with no strings attached regarding how the deal works out for the solicitor.  There’s a lot of information available on the Internet.  Most of it is junk.  Some is invaluable, and I know the difference.  Call me old school, but when I began in this field in the nascent days of floating dollar exchange rates, a good or service was provided in exchange for a money price and that was true for other professions as well.  Barter wasn’t part of the equation then, and it’s not a direction that Currency Thoughts will be taking.

Currency Thoughts was launched in 2008 during the Great Recession as a vehicle to stay deeply involved in thinking about international monetary matters at an  unprecedented time and of sharing my interpretation of the story with others.  In those days, Currency Thoughts was for sale at the right price and terms.  The passage of the intervening years has transformed the purpose sought in maintaining this site, which has amassed about 2-3/4 million words of quality content and stands as a currency market diary in this critical chapter of world history.  Postings have been scaled back gradually to allow more time for other pursuits, and that progression will continue as time has become increasingly more important than money.  To be considered, proposals directed to Currency Thoughts will not only need a stated offer of guaranteed cash (please, no talk of commissions), but also will be dismissed if they will entail additional blogger time, which already is extensive even without bothering to answer unacceptable propositions.

Copyright 2014, Larry Greenberg.  All rights reserved.  No secondary distribution without express permission.


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