Norwegian Monetary Policy Unchanged

September 19, 2013

The analyses imply a key policy rate at today’s level in the period to summer 2014, followed by a gradual increase to a more normal level,” says Deputy Governor Jan F. Qvigstad.

This was the ninth straight meeting in which the policy rate was left at 1.5%.  The last changes were cuts of 50 basis points in December 2011 and 25 bps in March 2012.  A statement from the Norges Bank Executive Board observed conflicting policy guides — a softer krone and higher-than-projected inflation but also lower-than-assumed growth, still benign inflation and an outlook that foresees sub-2.5% inflation over coming years.  The recent rise of inflation was concentrated in food and electricity.  Second-quarter GDP growth was even weaker than in the first quarter.  The next policy announcement will be in early December.

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