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Deeper Analysis

U.S., Euro Area and British Service-Sector Purchasing Managers Survey Results

March 5, 2013

The U.S.-minus-Ezone service-sector PMI differential widened 1.5 points to a 3-month high of 8.1 points in February.  The U.S. index climbed 0.8 points to a 12-month high of 56.0, whereas Euroland’s PMI fell 0.7 points to a 2-month low of 47.9.  The latter has been below the 50 expansion-or-contraction line of demarcation for thirteen straight […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Less Risk Aversion

March 5, 2013

Most stock markets are higher, some strongly so like China (3.0%), Germany (2.1%), Italy (2.3%), France (1.9%), and Spain (1.8%).  Equities in Australia and Britain have risen 1.3%.  Stocks in India advanced 1.4%, and the DJIA is up 1.1% and trading above its record close of 14,165 hit in October 2007.  The Nikkei is up […] More