Peruvian Key Interest Rate Lifted 25 Basis Points

May 12, 2011

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru also has raised its key reference rate in a hurry after having cut such extensively during the world recession.  The rate was reduced by 525 basis points from 6.5% prior to February 2009 to 1.25% just six months later.  Today’s increase of 25 basis points was the tenth increase of the current tightening cycle that began in May 2010 and the fifth in a row.  At 4.25%, the reference has been raised by 300 basis points thus far, reversing over half of the prior easing.  CPI inflation in April stood at 3.3%, up from 2.7% in March, and the core rate of 2.6% compares to 2.4% in the previous month. A statement released by officials speaks of a readiness to tighten further as needed to ensure that inflation holds near their target.  The next meeting of the Policy Board will be on June 9.

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