Other U.S. Economists Weigh in On the Matter of Which Political Party Gets the Best Results

September 16, 2008

One of this site’s postings that has drawn the most traffic was an August 19th article, which compared growth in U.S. GDP, jobs, consumer prices, stock prices, and the dollar at times when the U.S. president was a Democrat to times when the president was Republican.  With great attention on the U.S. economy during this 2008 election campaign, the matter of which political party has delivered better economic results in the past continues to draw considerable debate, particularly from the academic quarter.  Professor Alan Blinder of Princeton devoted an Op-Ed article on August 30th to this question, and Professor Jeffrey Frankel of Harvard weighed in with some insightful comments in a weblog posting on September 15th.  Their research and mine reached similar conclusions.  The edge goes to administrations with a president from the Democratic Party.



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