Next Week

December 6, 2013

Central bank interest rate policy meetings will be held next week in Switzerland, South Korea, New Zealand, Indonesia, Iceland, the Philippines and Chile.  The monthly ECB Bulletin gets published.  Bank of England Governor Carney, Bank of Canada Governor Poloz, and Lacker, Bullard and Fisher of the Federal Reserve speak publicly.  So does U.S. Treasury Secretary Lew.

EU leaders hold their semi-annual summit.  Finance ministers also will get together.

Many countries are releasing industrial production, price, GDP and/or trade data.

  • Industrial production: Euroland, Japan, Turkey, the Czech Republic, China, Britain, Greece, France, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Sweden, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Mexico.
  • GDP:  Japan, Greece, Portugal, Austria, Italy, and Turkey.
  • Consumer prices: China, the Czech Republic, Greece, Mexico, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Cyprus, France, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Finland, and Poland.
  • Producer prices: China, Mexico, Norway, South Korea, Hong Kong, South Africa, Switzerland and the United States.
  • Trade:  China, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Taiwan, Britain, the Czech Republic, Romania, Cyprus, Portugal, Mexico and the Netherlands.

In addition,

Japan will be reporting the current account, the economy watchers index, bankruptcies, machine tool orders, machinery orders, the tertiary index of service-sector activity, money growth, bank lending, the corporate goods price index, the Finance Ministry-compiled index of business sentiment, and capacity use.

Some of the other Asian releases are Chinese retail sales, fixed asset investment, money growth and bank loans, Singaporean and Filipino unemployment, Thai consumer confidence and Singaporean retail sales.

U.S. releases next week also show the Labor Department’s JOLTS index, the NFIB index of small business sentiment, wholesale and business inventories, the monthly federal budget deficit, retail sales, plus various weekly reports such as chain store sales, jobless insurance claims, and energy inventories.

Canadian housing starts, new home sales and capacity usage are due.  So are Brazilian retail sales.

In Euroland, employment growth and the Sentix gauge of investor sentiment arrive.  Some member nation releases will be the French,  German, and Finnish current accounts, German labor costs and wholesale prices, French business sentiment, Greek unemployment and import prices and Ireland’s construction purchasing managers index.

Britain reports on construction output, monthly GDP growth, and the RICs house price balance index. Switzerland releases retail sales and unemployment.  The Polish and Czech current accounts are due.

Australia’s data calendar features monthly labor statistics, consumer confidence, home loans, expected inflation and job ads.  New Zealand food prices, the Turkish current account, and South African wholesale turnover are scheduled as well.

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