Central Bank of Colombia

September 27, 2013

Another monthly Board of Directors meeting ended today without a change in the 3.25% benchmark interest rate.  The last change was a reduction of 50 basis points on March 22 that punctuated a seven-move drop from 5.25% in which all six prior moves had been declines of 25 basis points.  The streak began in July 2012.  A prior cycle of tightening between February 2011 and February 2012 had lifted the interest rate by 2.25 percentage points to 5.25%.  Since the easing last March, Colombian economic growth has picked up more quickly than anticipated, and inflation has climbed from 1.8% to marginally shy of 2.3%, which again lies within the central bank’s 2-4% target range.  As in August, it appears that today’s decision was not a unanimous one, nor were all analysts convinced beforehand that an eighth cut would not be done in the wake of the Fed’s delayed tapering of quantitative easing.

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