ZEW Economic Institute

Another Volatile Trading Session

October 14, 2014

The dollar is stronger except against the yuan and yen.  Especially large advances of 1.0% and over 1.5% have occurred against sterling and the Swedish krona following reports of that British CPI inflation fell 0.3 percentage points (ppts) to a 5-year low of 1.2% and Swedish consumer prices, also in the year to September, had […] More

Festering Concerns

April 15, 2014

Russia appears to be doing to Eastern Ukraine what it did in Crimea, and the West seems powerless to resolve the crisis. A day ahead of China’s release of first-quarter GDP, analysts anticipate a sub-7.5% growth rate. The ZEW Institute measures of investor sentiment toward Germany and the euro area fell in March. Investors await […] More