U.S. and eurozone PMIs

Big 6.3-Point Jump Last Month in U.S.-Minus-Ezone Services Differential

October 5, 2016

The U.S. non-manufacturing purchasing managers index leaped 5.7 points to 57.1 in September, an eleven-month high. Euroland’s services PMI, in contrast, fell 0.6 points to a 21-month low. The spread between those two September readings of +4.9 points was 6.3 points greater than August’s negative differential of -1.1. There is one caveat, however. Markit Economics, […] More

U.S. Retains Narrow Advantage in Manufacturing over Euroland

August 1, 2016

The U.S. manufacturing purchasing managers index fell 0.6 points in July, while its eurozone counterpart dropped by 0.8 points.  Each measure remained above the 50 line of demarcation between improving and deteriorating conditions at 52.6 and 52.0, respectively. The dollar on average strengthened a bit over 1.5% month on month to its strongest euro value […] More

Opposite U.S. and Eurozone Purchasing Manager Trends

December 3, 2015

The sum of the U.S.-Minus-Euroland PMI spreads turned negative in November for the first time since January 2014.  Within the last four months, that combined differential swung 9.1 points in the eurozone’s favor from +6.6 to –2.5.  The cumulative swing since October 2014 has been 17.6 points. The difference between the U.S. non-manufacturing PMI and […] More