Japanese economic statistics

Holiday Conditions Continue

December 26, 2014

Many European markets stayed shut Friday for Boxing Day or St. Stephens Day.  Members of the Commonwealth are also closed. The biggest share price movements were a 3.3% rebound in China’s market and a rise in Russia.  Japan’s Nikkei edged up 0.1% in spite of some disappointing data.  U.S. shares have risen in futures trading. […] More

Newfound Hope from the Brussels EU Summit

June 29, 2012

Markets responded positively to verbal progress on a number of fronts such as an EU growth pact of EUR 120 billion, ECB involvement in EU bank supervision, and better terms for recapitalizing Spanish banks.  We’ve seen this before, that is a pretense of greater cohesion at a big meeting, followed by a market rally, followed […] More