G-7 Meeting in North Country Ends

February 7, 2010

The Canadian hosts of the weekend meeting of G-7 central bankers and finance ministers relayed a mixed message of global economic progress, much unfinished work, reduced G-7 responsibility, but a continuing informal role for the group in promoting a candid discourse among its members. 02/06/10Iqaluit The G-20 is now the group responsible for coordinating foreign […] More

Next Week

January 29, 2010

G-7 finance ministers and central bank chiefs begin a two-day meeting next Friday in Iqaluit, Canada, a town situated at roughly 60 degrees latitude in the Northwest Territories where the sun sets shortly after 15:00 and the outside temperature is expected to range from minus 20 to minus 26 degrees centigrade or minus 4 to […] More