Greek deficit

Mixed Signals

January 28, 2010

The wire service headline observed that the Fed statement used the word recovery for the first time.  Market behavior suggests a darker and more complex landscape.  In less than six full trading sessions since closing at 10,725 on January 19, the Dow has dropped 6.0%, more than its 3.6% drop in the an equivalent interval […] More

Dollar Reversal Gaining Momentum

December 15, 2009

The dollar has risen 1.1% against the Australian dollar, 0.8% versus the Swiss franc, 0.7% relative to the euro and kiwi, 0.5% against sterling and 0.4% against the Canadian dollar.  USD/JPY slid 0.2%.  Investors are scrambling to unload short dollar positions, believing the U.S. will grow faster than thought previously and fearful about the Greek […] More