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August Kicks Off With Signs of a Global Slowdown and a Further Drop in the Dollar

August 1, 2022

The dollar fell overnight by a further 0.5% on a weighted basis and is 3.6% below last month’s multi-decade high. Dollar losses so far this Monday amount to 2.0% against the kiwi, 1.0% versus the yen, 0.7% relative to the Australian dollar, 0.6% vis-a-vis sterling, 0.4% against the euro and peso, and 0.2% versus the […] More

Uneven Manufacturing Trends Around the World

February 1, 2022

The dollar slipped 0.2% overnight on a weighted basis, losing 0.6% against the Swiss franc, 0.4% relative to the yen, Aussie dollar, Mexican peso and sterling, but just 0.2% versus the euro and 0.1% against the loonie. Stock markets in those Pacific Rim countries that were open and in Europe rallied robustly, taking their cue […] More

Narrowly Mixed Dollar and Downwardly Creeping Equities

January 10, 2022

The dollar climbed 0.4% versus the Swiss franc, 0.3% against the euro, and 0.2% on a weighted basis, while also slipping 0.3% against the yen, 0.2% versus the kiwi and 0.1% against sterling. The greenback stayed unchanged vis-a-vis the Canadian and Australian dollars. U.S. stock futures and key European stock indices are a tad softer, […] More

End of Third Quarter 2021

September 30, 2021

The DXY weighted dollar dipped 0.1% overnight but experienced a quarterly advance of around 2.5%. In the Pacific Rim, share prices on the final trading day of the quarter rose 1.9% in Australia, 1.4% in New Zealand, 2.0% in Indonesia, and 0.9% in China but fell by 0.4% in Hong Kong and 0.3% in Japan. […] More

Dollar and U.S. Equity Futures Down Marginally from Elevated Closing Levels on Monday

April 6, 2021

The dollar settled back 0.15% on a weighted index despite gains overnight against the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand dollars, the Turkish lira and pound sterling. After reaching record highs on Monday, U.S. S&P and DJIA futures have edged down 0.2% and 0.1%. Stock markets in the Pacific Rim fell 1.3% in Japan and 0.9% […] More

Equities Up but Little Change in Dollar Prior to U.S. Jobs Report Release

January 8, 2021

The biggest overnight dollar changes against a major currency are 0.3% dips relative to sterling and the Mexican peso, but the U.S. currency also firmed against the loonie and euro. U.S. equity futures rallied further overnight. In the Pacific Rim, stocks rose 4.0% in South Korea, 2.4% in Japan, 3.0% in Singapore, 1.4% in India […] More

Today’s Menu: Trade Data and Talks, Central Bank Meetings, and a Continuing U.S. Government Shutdown

January 9, 2019

Equity markets continued to rally after U.S.-Sino lower-level trade talks extended to a third day. Although no details about possible progress were revealed, investors took the unexpected third day of negotiations as a good sign that the dispute can be settled by March and avert a re-escalation of mutual big tariffs by the two countries […] More

Fourth Quarter Opens with Japanese Tankan Survey and a Slew of Manufacturing PMI Surveys

October 1, 2018

China will be closed all week, commemorating the communist revolution of 1949. Hong Kong’s market was similarly shut, and so was Australia’s due to Labour Day and the Queen’s Birthday observance there. A three-country Nafta remake including Canada as well as Mexico was fashioned at the last minute. Changes from the original deal were less […] More

Swoon of Stocks Continues Amid More Released Data and Ahead of Round 2 of the Powell Testimony

March 1, 2018

The newly minted Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will reprise his congressional Humphrey-Hawkins testimony at 10:00 EST, this time before the Senate Banking Committee. In the past two sessions since he testified before the House Financial Services Committee, the S&P and DOW dropped by 2.2% and 2.6%. Stocks overnight slumped 1.6% in Japan, 0.7% in Australia, […] More

Many PMI Reports on First Business Day of the Third Quarter

July 3, 2017

Markets this Monday are reacting to many cross-currents. The dollar has appreciated 0.3-0.5% against the yen, euro, Swissie, sterling, and Australian and and New Zealand currencies. It has risen more slightly versus the peso, yuan and loonie. Aside from declines in Australia of 0.7% and New Zealand of 0.4%, equities are mostly higher. Indonesia’s bourse, […] More