currency diversification

Ahead of the Thanksgiving 2013 Break

November 21, 2013

Private and public analysts have lately expressed more optimism about the global economic outlook, but the reality is still fraught with plenty of downside risk.  The fourth Friday of November arrives this year on the 28th, which is its latest possible date for Thanksgiving and associated with the shortest possible U.S. holiday shopping season.  Beyond […] More

Footprints of Diversification from Dollar

August 25, 2011

From its highs in 2010 to its lows this year, the U.S. dollar fell over 10% against assorted other widely traded currencies, and it is quoted presently much nearer to the 2011 lows than the 2010 highs. Dollar vs 2010 High 2011 Low % Change 08/25/11 Euro 1.1875 1.4939 -20.5% 1.4408 Yen 94.98 75.93 -20.1% […] More