Lasting Damage from the U.S. Debt Debacle

August 2, 2011

The U.S. House of Representatives approved the deficit ceiling increase Monday.  The Senate is expected to do so this afternoon in time for President Obama to sign the bill before today’s deadline.  But all is not clearly well.  Risk aversion is manifest in the marketplace today. Many consider the compromise a poor bill, and the […] More

Bond Yields in the Noughties Compared to the Nineties

December 21, 2009

As the current decade winds down, the ten-year minus two-year yield curve has lengthened to a record width and is up 136 basis points since the end of 2008.  Nonetheless, the ten-year yield of 3.67% remains 78 basis points below its decade average of 4.45%.  Likewise, that average for the present decade of the noughties […] More