British CPI

Interesting Data Results and More More Volatility

January 13, 2015

10-year sovereign bond prices and European share prices both rose, as did the dollar and price of gold.  But oil dropped below $45. British CPI inflation halved in December to a 15-year low of 0.5%, seemingly pushing the onset of Bank of England tightening further into the future. China recorded a $49.61 billion trade surplus […] More

Another Volatile Trading Session

October 14, 2014

The dollar is stronger except against the yuan and yen.  Especially large advances of 1.0% and over 1.5% have occurred against sterling and the Swedish krona following reports of that British CPI inflation fell 0.3 percentage points (ppts) to a 5-year low of 1.2% and Swedish consumer prices, also in the year to September, had […] More

Central Bankers in Spotlight

September 16, 2014

The Federal Open Market Committee begins a 2-day policy meeting today.  Chair-person Janet Yellen holds a press conference Wednesday.  Macroeconomic forecasts will be presented, and new forward guidance language is anticipated. Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda said the yen’s depreciation had on balance done more good than bad for Japan’s economy.  Some firms had complained […] More

Picking Up the Pieces

April 16, 2013

Monday was an extremely difficult day for financial markets.  A poisonous atmosphere was well established even before the terrorist explosions in Boston.  Gold was in freefall, posting the worst selloff in decades on fear of European government sales.  Chinese data had been disappointing, and worries about the U.S. economy had resurfaced.  The mood overnight was […] More

Investors Heartened by Reported Progress on Fiscal Cliff Talks

December 18, 2012

Share prices rose overnight by 1.0% in Japan, 0.6% in India, 0.5% in Australia, 0.3% in New Zealand and Thailand, 0.2% in Taiwan and the Philippines, and 0.1% in China.  In Europe, equities have advanced 0.7% in Madrid, 0.4% in Frankfurt and Milan, and 0.3% in London, but the Paris Cac is off 0.1%. Not […] More

Dollar Mostly Steady on a Busy Day for Data Releases

August 14, 2012

The dollar is unchanged overnight against the yuan, kiwi, loonie and sterling.  It is 0.2% firmer versus the yen and has slipped 0.1% relative to the euro, Swissie, and Australian dollar. Share prices are mostly stronger.  Equities advanced 1.3% in South Korea, 1.1% in Hong Kong, 0.8% in Singapore, 0.6% in Thailand and Taiwan, 0.5% […] More

Less Risk Aversion than Yesterday… Investors Await FOMC Statement

December 13, 2011

After difficult trading on Monday, European equities have recovered 0.8% in Germany, 0.5% in Great Britain and 0.2% in France.  Psychology got a boost from  better-than-expected data from the German ZEW Institute and Spain’s bill auction, which sold more paper than planned. In earlier Pacific Rim trading, stocks fell by 2.3% in China, 1.9% in […] More

Same Broad Trends as Yesterday

March 22, 2011

Commodity-sensitive currencies continued to advance, with the New Zealand, Australian and Canadian dollars gaining another 1.0%, 0.5% and 0.2% against their U.S. counterpart. Following yesterday’s Vernal Equinox market closure, the Nikkei jumped 4.4% despite reports of elevated radiation levels in the area surrounding the Fukushima reactor complex.  Information about the accident remains guarded.  In other […] More

Stocks Up and Dollar Down

January 18, 2011

With the U.S. market reopening after a three-day holiday weekend, the dollar lost 1.0% against the euro, 0.7% against sterling, 0.6% versus the Swiss franc, 0.5% relative to the Australian dollar, 0.3% against the Canadian dollar, 0.2% versus the yen and yuan, and 0.1% against the kiwi. Stocks are up by 1.1% in Great Britain […] More