Brexit talks

Risk Off as Mutant, More Infectious Covid-19 Strain Emerges in U.K.

December 21, 2020

An out-of-control strain of Covid in Great Britain has elicited new travel restriction by many continental European governments, a big sell-off in European stocks and U.S. stock futures, lower sovereign debt yields, a drop in oil prices exceeding 3.0%, and an intra-day 1.4% rebound in the trade-weighted dollar.  The other pieces of adverse Covid news […] More

Sterling Down on Stalemated Brexit Talks

October 12, 2017

A fifth round of Brexit talks between the U.K. and EU failed to make progress settling the matter of Britain’s debt to the common currency, and without such the EU won’t discuss Britain’s future relationship with Continental Europe. Sterling fell 0.6% against the euro and dollar overnight. Sentiment toward the euro was buoyed by the […] More