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October 2, 2015

Central Bank Beat:  Interest rate policy meetings are scheduled in Australia, the U.K., Poland and Japan.  Minutes from the mid-September FOMC meeting will be published, and Dudley, Williams, Kocherlakota, Evans and Bullard are some of the district presidents who’ll be speaking publicly in the period. 

Conference:  The annual autumn World Bank/IMF conference will be held October 9-11 in Lima, Peru.

Purchasing Managers Surveys:  Service sector PMIs are due for Japan, Australia, India, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Euroland, Brazil, Sweden and the United States.  Construction PMIs on Ireland and Australia, and retail PMIs for the eurozone, Germany, France and Italy arrive, too.  So do private PMI results for Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore and Lebanon, as well as non-oil PMIs for Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Industrial Production Data Releases:  German, Britain, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, Turkey, The Netherlands, France, Finland and Greece.

Trade Data: Germany, Britain, Japan, The United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, France, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, Chile, and Portugal.

Other U.S. Statistics:  Import prices, consumer credit, the IBD/TIPP Optimism index, and the Fed-compiled labor conditions index, plus weekly observations on jobless insurance claims, consumer comfort, chain store sales, energy inventories, and mortgage applications.

Scheduled Japanese Statistics:  Money growth, international reserves, machinery orders, the current account, labor cash earnings, the index of leading economic indicators, economy watchers index and bankruptcies.

Selected Other Asian Releases:  Chinese foreign direct investment and Thai consumer confidence.  Filipino CPI and PPI.  Taiwan’s CPI and WPI. 

Australia, New Zealand and Turkey:  Aussie job ads, new home sales, and housing loans.  New Zealand business sentiment and Turkey’s CPI and PPI.

Euroland:  Retail sales, new home prices, the current account, and the Sentix gauge of investor confidence.

Members of the Eurozone:  German orders and current account.  French business sentiment.  Greek, Irish, Dutch and Cypriot consumer prices.  Greek unemployment and Austrian WPI.

Britain, Switzerland and Norway:  British construction output, shop prices, RICs housing balance index, same-store sales, car registrations, Halifax house price index, and monthly GDP.  Swiss CPI and unemployment.  Norwegian consumer and producer prices.

Eastern Europe:  Czech retail sales, consumer prices and unemployment.  Hungarian retail sales and CPI.  Romanian GDP.

Latin America and Canada: Colombian and Mexican CPI.  Mexican consumer confidence and PPI.  Canadian IVEY-PMI, labor statistics, housing starts, building permits, and home prices.

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