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Central Bank Watch

Bank Rossii: Mixed Policy Decision

June 10, 2013

Russian monetary officials left the main refinancing rate unchanged at 8.25% but cut some longer-term rates such as the one-year repo, which becomes 7.25%, down from 7.5%.  A released statement explained that “he cut in the interest rates on longer-term liquidity provision operations brings the cost of obtaining liquidity from the Bank of Russia by […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

A Focus on China and Japan

June 10, 2013

Released Chinese data were not as good as expected. Export growth slowed to a 1.0% on-year pace in May, which was a 10-month low.  Imports were 0.3% lower than in May 2012, and the trade surplus of $20.4 billion was close to expectations. Industrial production growth edged lower to 9.2%. Analysts were predicted 9.3%, same […] More