Bank Indonesia

January 10, 2013

Three central bank interest rate reductions between October 2011 and February 2012 lopped 100 basis points off Indonesia’s benchmark to 5.75%, but it will continue to hold at that level for at least another month and most likely longer.  Prior to December 2007, the level had crested at 9.5%.  The only increase since then was a 25-bp move in February 2011.

A statement accompanying today’s affirmation of the 5.75% level affirmed such would be consistent with the 3.5-5.5% medium target inflation range, said GDP grew about 6.3% last year, and was upbeat about growth strengthening slightly further in 2013 and 2014.  A key focus remains the current account deficit.  A rupiah depreciation of about 6% was allowed in 2012, but the exchanged seemed to stabilize last quarter.  Inflation is currently at 4.3%.  Some private analysts worry that such could accelerate, leaving the central bank no choice but to raise its interest rate before the end of this new year.

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