Bank Negara Malaysia

March 9, 2012

A mixture of factors are keeping Malaysian monetary policy on hold.  Bank Negara Malaysia’s overnight policy interest rate has been at 3.0% since May 2011 following four 25-basis point increases administered that month and earlier in March, May and July of 2010.  A statement from Malaysia’s central bank notes

  • A better global economic and financial market environment but continuing external downside risks,
  • Decent Malaysian domestic demand that is likely to show continuing momentum,
  • Overall growth in 2012 will probably be slower than last year’s near-5% pace,
  • Commodity prices pose some upside price risks, but inflation overall should moderate. 

Consumer prices in Malaysia rose 2.7% between January 2011 and January 2012.

Malaysian policymakers next meet May 11.

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One Response to “Bank Negara Malaysia”

  1. daniel tan says:

    i am not sure anybody understand why the RM still in lower value, even the USD had been depre ?
    the govt had been spending $$ like no tomorrow and look at the corruption how it handle its tax payers $$. GLCs had been eating up and still the govt is less passive in taking the corrupts to court ! look at the Sarawak MB ! look at the cow RM250M , look at the MAS, look at the banking sector during Mahatir time how it wasted its tax payers $$, the employee funds EPF, lots more. This bring shame to the RM , and reasons on its value ! If i will believe the BNM, it will = as believing the fools !