Mexican One-Day Interbank to Remain at Cyclical Low

July 10, 2011

Rate cuts by Bank of Mexico policymakers between January and July 2009 totaled 375 basis points from a one-day interbank rate high of 8.25% to 4.5%.  On July 8, the 4.5% key interest rate was kept yet again.  The next meeting is scheduled for August 26.

Officials released a rather dovish statement, suggesting no near-term tightening.  Officials note that the pace of Mexican growth has slowed and observe that continuing considerable slack in the economy is suggested by a variety of labor and credit market indicators.  Capacity is not under strain, and the current account deficit has narrowed.  Core CPI inflation is below the 3% target, and and a slower projected rate of decline in the output gap buys time before interest rates will need to be raised.  Officials will meanwhile monitor expected inflation and commodity price trends.

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