Central Bank of Iceland

June 15, 2011

Iceland’s central bank, Sedlabanki, left its interest rates unchanged including a 4.25% seven-day lending charge.  The statement posted today on the central bank’s web site is more hawkish than the prior one of April 20.  Gone is a sense of agnosticism about the direction of the next policy change.  If indeed the next move is tightening, it will end a spectacular 15-move easing of 1,375 basis points from a 18.0% to 4.25% between March 2009 and February 2011.  Icelandic CPI inflation has risen from 1.8% in January to 3.4% as of May, and officials are now distressed that wage demands have become excessive.  The statement concludes, “as the recovery progresses, wage pressures stemming from the traded goods sector may therefore cause longer-term inflation expectations to drift upwards. To reduce the risk of such an outcome, tighter monetary policy may become warranted in the near term.”

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