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Central Bank Watch

Bank of Japan Preview

September 6, 2010

The regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the central bank Policy Board is today and Tuesday.  However, an unscheduled meeting just a week ago caved into to mounting political pressure and took the comparatively modest step of introducing a JPY 10 trillion, six-month cheap fixed-interest loan facility for banks to complemented already existing 3-month facilities.  JPY […] More

Deeper Analysis

Summer’s End

September 6, 2010

Unlike the four seasons of nature, the currency market year sub-divides into three parts: winter/spring, summer, and autumn.  In forex, the U.S. Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays are the bookends of summer.  Note, too, that these the three trading seasons have different lengths.  The first period from from New Year’s Day to Memorial Day […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Softer Pound on a Quiet Day

September 6, 2010

Canadian and U.S. markets will be shut today for Labor Day holidays. No meaningful data releases from markets that are open. Main currency movements have been a 0.6% drop of sterling, a 0.4% further recovery of the kiwi, and a 0.3% advance of the Chinese yuan. Market chatter surfaced that the Bank of England may […] More