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July 31, 2009

Central banks in Euroland, Britain, Australia, Indonesia, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Peru hold interest rate policy meetings in the first week of August.  Canadian markets will be closed for Civic Day on Monday.  Very few central bankers have scheduled speeches.

A large contingent of British statistics get released including the manufacturing, services, and construction PMIs, producer prices, industrial production, car sales, the NIESR monthly GDP growth estimate, shop prices, and the Nationwide consumer confidence index.

The United States, Australia, and Canada release monthly labor statistics.  Germany, Hungary, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia and India release trade data.  Many countries will be releasing factory PMI readings on Monday and service-sector PMIs on Wednesday.

Other scheduled Euroland data include retail sales and producer prices in the whole area, German retail sales and industrial production, Italian GDP and industrial output, and Dutch consumer prices and industrial production.

The United States also reports construction spending, personal income and spending, pending home sales, factory orders, and consumer credit plus the usual assortment of weekly figures such as jobless claims, chain store sales, energy inventories, consumer sentiment, and mortgage applications.

From Japan arrives figures for auto sales, the index of leading and coincident economic indicators, private consumption, wages, and the monetary base.

Swiss consumer prices and Norwegian industrial output are due, too.  So are Turkish consumer prices and producer prices, Hungarian industrial output and trade, and Romanian retail sales and industrial production.  Thailand, South Korea, and the Philippines, and Taiwan report consumer price inflation, Hong Kong announces retail sales, and South Africa releases auto sales.

Besides their labor market data, Canada reports building permits and the IVEY-PMI, while Australia announces retail sales, house prices and the central bank quarterly Monetary Policy Statement.

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