Announcing a New Post Category on Currency Thoughts

July 29, 2009

One cannot deconstruct foreign exchange market activity without engaging in a considerable amount of central bank watching.  I have routinely previewed and reviewed on this service those interest rate policy meetings for currencies that are covered regularly.  When I began this site in the spring of 2008, however, I did not foresee the immense number of central bank rate changes in emerging as well as advanced economies that would be pertinent to the currency market storyline.  The central bank meetings of the past year or so have provided a portal through which to examine the deepest world recession since the 1930’s, and I have reviewed many of them in this space.  Indeed, 202 of my blog postings, or roughly 17% of all my posts on this blog, fell into this category and include most of the following elements:

  • The action taken by officials and whether such had been expected.
  • History of previous central bank rate changes.
  • Some background of the relevant economic and other factors.
  • Main points in the central bank’s statement.
  • A hyperlink to the central bank statement.
  • What, if anything, was implied about future monetary policy.

In those cases, for example involving the Fed, ECB or Bank of Japan, where the meetings had a direct effect on a categorized currency like the dollar, euro or yen, previews and reviews were stored in the appropriate currency categories, and that will continue to be done.  Posts reviewing other central bank meetings, however, had been stored either as “random commentaries” or as uncategorized blog entries.  That will now change.  Parenthetically, you may notice a greatly reduced number of posts allocated to “random commentaries” or “uncategorized” posts.  In doing this, these categories return to the residual nature initially intended.

As of now, all central bank reviews including those that have a specific currency category designation can be found in a new category called Central Bank Meetings, and they appear there chronologically from most recent to oldest.  This grouping will assist research into how the narrative unfolded.  Using the search engine feature on Currency Thoughts in the upper right of each file, it is easy to isolate the actions and statement releases of each individual central bank since 2Q08.

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