What Else Is At Stake Besides the Presidency?

November 4, 2008

The entire House of Representatives, all 435 seats, are up for grabs. The Democrats are expected to extend their majority. A representative serves for 2 years.

35 of the Senate‘s 100 seats are being contest, including both of Wyoming’s. Republicans are defending twice as many seats (23) as the Democrats (12). A 60-vote majority is needed to kill filibusters in the upper branch. The Democratic Senate seat total may be the most closely watched number in tonight’s returns. Joe Biden is running for reelection to the Senate from Delaware as well as for the Vice Presidency. He obviously will not do both jobs. A senator serves 6 years.

There are 11 gubernatorial races. Former incumbents from these 11 states break down into 6 Democrats and 5 Republicans. Nationwide, the breakdown for all 50 states is 28 Democrats and 22 Republicans. Most governors serve 4 years. Voters will be also picking numerous representatives in state legislatures.

Elections matter to markets in many ways, affecting policy and thus economic performance and microeconomic infrastructure for one thing. Elections also influence the confidence of investors, consumers, and businesses.


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