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May Day and All That Jazz

May 1, 2008

Markets from China to Germany were closed today for May Day, a celebration of the worker with orgins that date back to pre-Christian Europe. Mayday’s other meaning is as a cry for help from extreme distress. Should the U.S. or even global economies be calling mayday, mayday, mayday? Not yet. In a jazzy lead editorial […] More

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Frequently Used Abbreviations

May 1, 2008

Economic writing often uses abbreviations for frequently used words, phrases, or concepts. Some are very intuitive and/or part of general English usage like the months of the year (for example, Feb instead of February). Others may need a glossary of explanations. I’ve compiled a list below. Although not exhaustive, it is a start. m/m:  Percent […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

New Developments Abroad

May 1, 2008

Many financial markets in continental Europe and Asia are closed for May Day. The dollar has recovered after an initial setback following yesterday’s FOMC rate cut and statement. The euro hit a 5-week low of $1.5497. The dollar currently shows gains since Wednesday’s N.Y. close of 1.0% against the Swiss franc, 0.7% against the euro, […] More