U.K. trade balance

Yen Soars as Kiwi and Aussie Dollars Sink

June 7, 2013

The grand-daddy of all U.S. data releases, the Labor Department jobs report, is due today at 12:30 GMT. The U.S. dollar plunged 1.8% against the yen while advancing by 1.2% and 1.0% against the Australian and New Zealand dollars.  The yen hit overnight highs of 95.28 per dollar and 126.27 per euro.  Japanese Finance Minister […] More

Some Hope Returns to the Market

July 10, 2012

News that the Eurogroup of Ezone officials announced plans for faster loans to Spanish banks pushed 10-year Spanish sovereign debt yields back to 6.90% from 7.07%.  China’s trade surplus surpassed expectations in June.  At $31.7 billion, such was easily the largest surplus of 1H12.  There was a $68.8 billion surplus in the second quarter after […] More