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Dollar Strengthens, Bond Prices and Mexican Peso Fall

November 10, 2016

Large protests against the U.S. election results erupted in several U.S. cities overnight, including N.Y.C., Chicago, Oakland and Seattle. President-Elect Trump will travel today to Washington to meet President Obama at the White House to begin the transition of administrations. On the premise of a more stimulative U.S. fiscal policy, a likely federal funds rate […] More

Weaker Dollar, Bonds and Stocks on Fresh Wave of Risk Aversion

May 12, 2015

The dollar fell overnight by 1.2% against the Swiss franc, 1.1% versus the Australian dollar, 1.0% vis-a-a-vis the euro, 0.7% relative to sterling, and 0.6% against the kiwi.  The dollar also rose 0.2% against the loonie, held flat against the yuan and edged only 0.1% lower vis-a-vis the Japanese yen. Share prices fell 2.3% in […] More

July in Figures

July 31, 2012

European interest rates fell sharply at the short and long end in July.  The U.S. yield curve flattened.  The dollar fell against commodity-sensitive currencies and the yen, advanced against the euro and Swiss franc, and closed virtually unchanged against sterling and the Chinese yuan.  Net movements in oil and gold prices were comparatively small especially […] More

May in Figures

May 31, 2012

May was an ugly month in financial markets.  The fine risk-on/risk-off balance in investor psychology lurched decisively in favor of safety over investment return after inconclusive Greek elections on the first weekend of the month increased the possibility that Greece would leave the common currency area.  Voters there and in other countries in the currency […] More