National Bank of Ukraine

National Bank of Ukraine

April 21, 2016

Ukraine’s key monetary policy rate has been reduced by three percentage points to 19%.  This was the third cut in eight months, the earlier two being moves of three percentage points in August 2015 and five percentage points a month later.  A released statement cites diminishing upside inflation risks and also announces operational changes to […] More

Monetary Policy Tightened Sharply in Ukraine

March 4, 2015

The plunging hryvnia has lifted Ukraine inflation into double digits.  In response, officials at the National Bank of Ukraine had raised their discount rate a month ago from 14.0% to 19.5%, but that didn’t stem geopolitically-generated capital flight.  So even more draconian measures were unveiled in a statement released today.  The discount rate has been […] More

550-Basis Point Hike in Ukraine’s Central Bank Discount Rate

February 5, 2015

In addition to the increased key interest rate to 19.5% from 14.0% previously, monetary officials are “scrapping the practice of holding foreign exchange auctions (effective from February 5, 2015) and setting the indicative hryvnia exchange rate. The hryvnia exchange rate will be set by banks based on the objective parameters of market demand and supply.”  […] More

A Three-Percentage Point Ukraine Discount Rate Hike

April 15, 2014

On Monday, the National Bank of Ukraine Board raised the discount rate to 9.5% from 6.5%.  Civil unrest and meddling by Russia in the internal affairs of Ukraine have weighed heavily on the hyrvnia, lifting CPI inflation nearly threefold to 3.4% in March from the month before, and more acceleration is likely.  This week’s rate […] More