National Bank of Serbia

National Bank of Serbia

July 10, 2017

Starting in April of 2013, the Executive Board of the NSB cut Serbia’s policy interest rate by a total of 825 basis points from 12.25% to 4.0%. The reductions included 350 basis points in 2015 and, most recently, a pair a 25-bp cuts in February and July of 2016. A statement released today after the […] More

National Bank of Serbia

June 8, 2017

Serbia’s central bank policy interest rate was cut 775 basis points in 2013-15 and by an additional 25 basis points to 4.0% in July 2016 where such continues to remain after the latest review by officials. A statement from the Executive Board projects in-target inflation (3.0% give or take 1.5 percentage points) during the next […] More

National Bank of Serbia

April 11, 2017

After leaving their key interest rate unchanged at 4.0%, the level since a cut of 25 bps last July, ¬†Serbian monetary officials released a statement that again stressed their expectation that inflation will remain inside the 3.0 +/- 1.5% target range. Core inflation has been lower than headline inflation, printing at just 1.7% in February. […] More

National Bank of Serbia

March 14, 2017

Serbian monetary officials retained a 4.0% key interest rate, observing that inflation is hovering near 3.0%, the mid-point of its 1.5-4.5% target range and expected to remain with that corridor. There was a single 25-basis point cut last year in July. Starting in April 2013, the rate was slashed by 275 basis points by yearend, […] More

National Bank of Serbia

February 14, 2017

Similar to January’s Executive Board meeting, Serbian monetary officials agreed to leave they central bank interest rate at 4.0%, the level since a 25-basis point reduction seven months ago. There also was a 25-bp cut a year ago, 350 basis points of easing during 2015, 250 bps of easing in 2014 and 275 bps worth […] More

National Bank of Serbia Retains 4.0% Interest Rate

January 12, 2017

From an April 2013 high of 12.25%, the Serbian central bank interest rate was reduced 275 basis points later that year, 150 bps in 2014, 350 bps in 2015, and by 25 bps each in February and July of last year. A statement following today’s decision to keep the rate at 4.0% projects low, stable […] More

National Bank of Serbia

December 8, 2016

Serbia’s key monetary policy interest rate was left at 4.0%, its level since a 25-basis point reduction in July. A statement released by the National Bank of Serbia reiterated several factors mentioned after the prior meeting last month for why inflation is likely to firm into the 1.5-4.5% target range by early 2017. But in […] More

National Bank of Serbia

November 10, 2016

Serbia’s key central bank policy rate had been at 12.25% as recently as April 2013 but was slashed by 275 basis points over the remainder of 2013, 150 basis points during 2014, 350 bps last year, and this year by 25 basis points in both February and July. The resulting 4.0% level has not been […] More

National Bank of Serbia’s Key Interest Rate Left at 4.0%

October 13, 2016

Serbian inflation continues to run below the 2-4% inflation target band, but officials expect a rise above the target floor by the middle of next year according to a short¬†statement released after the latest monetary policy meeting. The current 4.0% central bank rate is only half as high as its level at the start of […] More

National Bank of Serbia Keeps Policy Settings Unchanged

September 8, 2016

Serbia’s central bank interest rate had earlier this year been cut by 25 basis points in both February and July, and it now is at 4.0%. It was previously reduced by 50 basis points on seven occasions in 2015 from 8% prior to March of that year. Following the latest executive board meeting, a statement […] More