Investors Unnerved by Middle East Unrest and Spiking Oil Prices

February 22, 2011

Stocks are sharply lower.  The dollar, Swiss franc and yen are higher.  Bond yields fell.  In the Middle East, tensions continue to escalate in Libya where strongman Quaddafi seems to be losing the support of his military.  Two Iranian naval ships went through the Suez Canal.  The Security Council meets today to discuss recent Middle […] More

New Jitters About Euroland Peripherals

December 15, 2010

The dollar was buoyed as Moody’s flagged a risk that Spain’s Aa1 sovereign debt rating might get downgraded.  Greece was hit by more worker strikes today, disrupting transportation in that economy.  The U.S. currency rose 0.7% against sterling and the Australian dollar, 0.4% versus the euro and kiwi, 0.3% relative to the Swiss franc and […] More

Equities Firmer, Euro Softer

September 27, 2010

In the Pacific Rim, the strength of equities seen in North America on Friday was extended as investors take on more risk.  Stocks rose 1.7% in China, 2.1% in Indonesia, 1.1% in Thailand, 1.4% in Japan, 1.6% in Australia, 0.9% in New Zealand, 0.8% in South Korea and 0.7% in Singapore. European trading shows greater […] More

Stocks Slump in China But Rising in Europe

July 13, 2010

China‚Äôs stock market fell 1.6% after government indications that property market curbs will be retained.  Signs such have been effective already include a 0.1% dip in property prices last month and a smaller 608 billion yuan rise in bank loans.  Elsewhere in the Pacific Rim, equities declined 0.7% in Australia, 0.6% in Taiwan, 0.3% in […] More

Stocks Suffer Further as Third Quarter Begins

July 1, 2010

The Nikkei lost another 2.0% to 9192.  Japanese stocks have plunged 10.2% since June 21 and 18.5% since April 15, roughly reversing half the prior recovery from the low in early March 2009.  Elsewhere in the Pacific Rim, stocks fell overnight by 1.4% in Indonesia and China where a disappointed PMI reading was announced, 1.5% […] More