Euroland producer prices

Sovereign Debt Yields Lower and Dollar Modestly Higher

August 4, 2020

Ten-year sovereign debt yields fell overnight by two basis points in the U.S. and Germany and by a basis point in the U.K. and Japan. Stock markets started strong in Asia, but the performance subsequently turned mixed. Share prices close up 2.0% in Hong Kong and India, 1.9% in Australia, 1.7% in Japan, 1.6% in […] More

U.K. in Greater Danger of a No Deal Brexit

April 2, 2019

The British House of Commons still cannot find sufficient agreement on the terms of withdrawing from the EU. Faced with binary scenarios of withdrawal without a deal or a lengthy delay in leaving, the first option is looking more and more likely. The 10-year British gilt yield dropped five basis points in response overnight, but […] More

Stocks Lifted by Rising Confidence that a Big U.S.-Chinese Trade Deal Is Almost at Hand

March 4, 2019

Share prices advanced Monday by 1.1% in China, 1.0% in Japan and Singapore, and 0.9% in Hong Kong. In Europe, stock markets have thus far strengthened 0.7% in the U.K., 0.6% in France but only 0.2% in Germany. Ten-year sovereign debt yields rose a basis point in Japan and Britain but slipped 2 basis points […] More

Intensifying Concern that Euro Area Is Drifting Into a Fresh Debt Crisis over Italy

October 2, 2018

A quote from European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker set the tone for trading today: “I would not wish that, after having really been able to cope with the Greek crisis, we’ll end up in the same crisis in Italy.” Ten-year sovereign debt yields, while dropping today by 3 basis points in France, Germany, The Netherlands, […] More

Lull in Data Flow… Equities Down

July 2, 2013

The Reserve Bank of Australia left its Official Cash Rate at a record low 2.75% and called the Aussie dollar still elevated.  Australia (2.6%) and New Zealand (0.9%), along with Japan (1.8%), were among the few stock markets to see prices rise overnight. Share prices otherwise fell by 1.2% in the Philippines, 1.0% in Indonesia, […] More

Bank of Japan Sets the Tone

April 4, 2013

A revamped Bank of Japan Board outdid market expectations with its launch of new operational guidance, objectives, and goals.  In response the yen plunged 2.4% against the dollar.  The 10-year JGB yield is 11 basis points lower and, at 0.45%, is resting just above the June 2003 all-time low of 0.44%.  The Nikkei-225 index advanced by […] More

Euro Hits some Bumps in the Road

February 4, 2013

The dollar has climbed 0.5% against the euro, 0.4% against the Swiss franc, and 0.1% versus the yen and yuan.  It is also down 0.3% against the Aussie dollar, 0.2% versus the kiwi and sterling, and 0.1% against the loonie. Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy, who meets with German Prime Minister Merkel today, is snared in […] More

Quiet Start to Groundhog’s Day — Eye on Bernanke

February 2, 2012

The dollar shows minimal overnight movement.  It’s up 0.2% and 0.1% against the Swiss franc and euro but down 0.1% relative to the yen, loonie, Aussie dollar, kiwi and yuan.  Sterling is stable against the greenback. There were some big stock market rallies in Asia, but European bourses show little change after poor Spanish labor […] More

Another Slow Monday

April 4, 2011

Commodity prices are higher.  Oil advanced 0.4% to $108.33 per barrel, while gold climbed 0.3% to $1433.80 per ounce. Upward share price momentum in Asia didn’t carry into European trading.  Stocks advanced 1.5% in China, India, and Hong Kong.  They also gained 1.3% in Thailand, 0.7% in Singapore and 0.5% in Australia.  But Japan’s Nikkei […] More