Central Bank of Hungary

Hungarian Monetary Policy Stance Left Unchange

May 28, 2019

Magyar Nemzeti Bank’s base rate has been at 0.90% since a 15 basis point reduction three years ago. The overnight deposit rate was raised 10 basis points two months ago to minus 0.05% in a move that reversed a cut of 10 bps in September 2017. Monetary officials at the central bank remain satisfied that […] More

Magyar Nemzeti Bank

December 20, 2016

Having cut Hungary’s key central bank interest rate by 45 basis points in March-May of this year to 0.90% and by 610 basis points since August 2012, monetary authorities shifted their focus from easing via progressive cuts in the interest rate to other monetary tools that promote the pass-through of a lower central bank rate […] More

Hungarian Central Bank Base Rate Kept at Record Low 1.35%

August 25, 2015

The statement released after the latest Monetary Council meeting implies that Hungary‚Äôs central bank base rate is unlikely to get changed, up or down, for an extended period.  Extensive easing began in August 2012 from a 7.0% level.  The base rate was lowered at every meeting through July 2014, at which point such stood at […] More

Hungary’s Magyar Nemzeti Bank Cuts Interest rate for 14th Straight Time

September 24, 2013

A statement from Hungarian monetary officials announced a 20-basis point cut of the two-week deposit rate to a record low of 3.60%.  A similar reduction had been made in August, and there was a streak of twelve monthly cuts of 25 basis points each starting in August 2012.  Core inflation in Hungary is historically low, […] More