Bank of Thailand

Investors Not Sure What to Think

March 28, 2018

Although stocks traded mostly lower overnight, U.S. futures point to a rise around the open. However, a pattern seems to be forming of early resilience giving way to sell-offs in the final part of each session. This is reminiscent of 2008-09, when much of the markets steep decline occurred in the final 30 minutes of […] More

Bank of Thailand

February 14, 2018

Thailand’s central bank policy interest rate has been at 1.5% since 25-basis point cuts in March and April of 2015. Monetary Policy Committee members decided to keep it at this pro-growth, accommodative level at this week’s review, releasing a statement that defends the need for such in order to promote the upward return of inflation […] More

Bank of Thailand

December 20, 2017

By unanimous vote, the one-day repo rate was left at 1.50%, which has been its level since back-to-back 25-basis point cuts in March and April of 2015. Thailand’s monetary policy committee members are in no hurry to start raising interest rates even though projected GDP growth was revised up 0.1 percentage point to 3.9% this […] More

Bank of Thailand

November 8, 2017

Following a two percentage point decline between November 2011 and April 2015, Thailand’s policy interest rate has been at 1.5%. The latest review ended with a unanimous decision to keep that level, which is defended in a statement as follows: “The Committee viewed that the current accommodative monetary policy stance remained conducive to the continuation […] More

Bank of Thailand’s One-Day Repo Rate Left at 1.5% as Expected

September 27, 2017

The last central bank interest rate changes in Thailand were a duo of 25-basis point reductions in March and April of 2015 that culminated two percentage points of easing since November 2011. The policy stance is being kept accommodative in light of sub-target inflation and the baht’s appreciation against other Asian currencies. Some political pressure […] More

Bank of Thailand’s Main Interest Rate Left at 1.5% after Latest Review

August 16, 2017

The last time Thailand’s central bank changed its policy rate was in April 2015 when the second of two 25-basis point cuts that year and eighth overall since November 2011 was implemented. The decision to keep the rate at 1.50% was taken unanimously, with one of the policymakers not attending today’s meeting. In a statement […] More

Growth Optimism Crowds Out Geopolitical Worries in Wednesday’s Session

August 16, 2017

Markets have turned a deafer ear to geopolitical concerns, but such is likely only a temporary lull. A Korean war seems less imminent, but world alarm about changes happening in the United States continues to mount. The title of a Tuesday Op-Ed article in the Financial Times — America is now a dangerous nation — would have […] More

Bank of Thailand

July 5, 2017

Thailand’s central bank interest rate has been 1.5% since 25-basis point reductions in March and April of 2015. These were preceded by six earlier cuts also of 25 basis points each administered from November 2011 to March 2014. Inflation, which recently fell due to supply-side factors affecting fresh food among other things, may even dip […] More

Bank of Thailand Keeps Status Quo

May 24, 2017

Thailand’s latest monetary policy review ended with a unanimous assertion of a continuing need for a growth-supporting accommodative stance. The monetary policy council retained a 1.5% policy rate. It’s been at that level since eight 25-basis point reductions implemented between November 2011 and April 2015. The seventh of those cuts was made in March 2015. […] More

Bank of Thailand

March 29, 2017

Thailand’s Monetary Policy Committee retained a 1.5% policy interest rate yet again. It’s been at this low level since 25-basis point cuts in March and April of 2015. Six other 25-bp reductions were implemented earlier from November 2011 through March 2014. A released statement justified a continuing need for a very accommodative stance despite an improved […] More