Bank of Israel

Bank of Israel Retains 0.10% Interest Rate

April 6, 2017

In each of four consecutive years, 2011-2014, Israel’s central bank interest rate was sliced three times by 25 basis points, and that cumulative three percentage points of rate reduction was punctuated by one final 15-basis point cut in February 2015 to 0.10%. The rate has stayed at that level ever since including after the April policy […] More

Israel’s Central Bank Interest Rate Left at 0.10%

February 27, 2017

Two full years have now passed since the last Israeli interest rate change, a 15-basis point cut to 0.1% from 0.25% undertaken in late February 2015. A released statement observed positive on-year CPI inflation last month for the first time since August 2014. At 0.1%, such is minuscule, however, and short-term inflation expectations are still […] More

Bank of Israel Retains 0.1% Key Interest Rate

December 26, 2016

Israel’s policy interest rate has been 0.1% since a 15 basis point cut in February 2015. The rate previously had dropped from 3.25% to 0.25% during 2011-14. The Bank of Israel released a formal statement and remarks from Governor Flug justifying the need for the accommodative stance and explaining how Israel’s economy reflects the United States […] More

Time Out for the Holidays

December 26, 2016

The dollar is unchanged against the euro and Swiss franc, up 0.2% relative to the yen and 0.1% vis-a-vis the yuan and Mexican peso but down 0.5% against the kiwi, 0.3% versus the Aussie dollar and 0.2% against the loonie. Share prices rose 0.4% in China, reversing an initial sharper slide, but fell 0.2% in […] More

Bank of Israel

October 27, 2016

Israel’s central bank interest rate was left at 0.10% after the October policy meeting. It’s been at that level since a 15-basis point reduction in February 2015. In each of the four previous calendar years, three 25-bp reductions had been administered. On-year CPI inflation still lies below zero and significantly under what constitutes price stability. This […] More

Bank of Israel

September 26, 2016

Israel’s central bank policy rate was left unchanged as expected at 0.1% at this month’s policy meeting. It’s been at 0.1% since a 15-basis point reduction in February 2015, and markets do not anticipate any rise over the coming year. Twelve earlier cuts of 25 basis  points – three each per hear in 2011, 2012, […] More

Bank of Israel

August 29, 2016

Israel’s last central bank interest rate change occurred in February 2015. A 15-basis point cut then to 0.10% culminated 325 basis points of easing that had begun during 2011. This month’s statement from the bank of Israel notes that market-implied measures do not anticipate a rate hike before 2018, and the opportunity is not taken […] More

Bank of Israel Keeps Key Interest Rate at 0.10%

July 25, 2016

Almost a year and a half have elapsed since the last Israeli interest rate change, which was a 15-basis point cut in February 2015.  The previous four calendar years had seen the rate reduced from 3.25% to 0.25%.  A statement released by Bank of Israel policymakers after this month’s review defended the appropriateness of the […] More

Bank of Israel’s Monetary Policy to “Remain Accommodative for a Considerable Time”

June 27, 2016

Israel’s central bank rate has been at 0.1% since a 15-basis point cut in February 2015, which was preceded by 75 bps worth of easing in each of 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  Nonetheless, current inflation of 0.5% is not expected to rise into target until around the middle of next year.  Projected Israeli growth […] More

Bank of Israel

May 23, 2016

Like the fourteen previous monthly monetary policy meetings, this month’s decision was to keep the key Israeli central bank rate at a lowly 0.1%.  Four four straight calendar years (2011-14), it was reduced by 75 basis points, and those three cumulative percentage points of easing were topped off by a 15-basis point cut in February […] More