Dollar and European Equities Slip

August 13, 2020

The dollar slid overnight by 0.6% against sterling, 0.4% versus the euro, 0.3% relative to the loonie, and 0.1% against the Swiss franc. Equities closed higher by 1.8% in Japan, 1.3% in Singapore and 0.7% in Taiwan, but trading in Europe has seen losses so far today of 1.1% in the U.K., 0.3% in Germany […] More

Next Week’s Menu: July 18-24, 2020

July 17, 2020

Central Banks: Monetary policy reviews in Turkey, Ukraine, South Africa, China and Russia. Minutes to be published of last policy meetings at the Bank of Japan and Reserve Bank of Australia. RBA Governor Lowe speaks publicly. Holidays and Events: Belgium’s National Day holiday on Tuesday. Japan observes Marine Day on Thursday and Sports Day on […] More

Malaysia’s 4th Central Bank Rate Cut of 2020

July 8, 2020

There’s been a central bank interest rate cut in Malaysia, the fourth so far this year. The latest change in the overnight policy rate was a reduction of 25 basis points to 1.75%. Earlier cuts of 25 basis points were enacted in January and March followed by a 50-bp move in May. Bank Negara Malaysia‘s […] More

Risk Aversion Rekindled by Downbeat Economic Forecast and Data as Well as Covid-19’s Relentless Spread

July 7, 2020

Major stock markets in Europe show losses so far today of 1.2% in the U.K. and Germany and 1.0% in France and Spain. Equities closed down 1.4% in Hong Kong, 1.1% in South Korea and Singapore, and 0.4% in Japan. U.S. futures suggest that at least half of Monday’s strong rise in equity prices will […] More

June and Second Quarter 2020 in Figures

June 30, 2020

The second quarter will be best remembered for the strong advances of stock markets after the first quarter’s debacle. Share price strength continued into June. There were no central bank interest changes in the countries featured in this update during the quarter, and net changes in 10-year sovereign debt yields were very small in June. […] More

Policy Support Overriding Covid-19 and Geopolitical Concerns at Least for Now

June 16, 2020

The weakness of stock markets early Monday dramatically reversed direction when the Federal Reserve announced an expansion of its corporate bond purchases. That turnaround extended overnight into trading in the Pacific Rim, where markets closed up 4.9% in Japan, 5.3% in South Korea, 3.9% in Australia, 2.4% in Hong Kong, 2.0% in Singapore, 1.8% in […] More

Bank of England

May 7, 2020

The Bank of England kept its monetary policy settings as is. Two reductions of the Bank Rate were earlier made of 50 basis points on March 11 and 15 bps a week later. The rate is now pinned at 0.1%. A released statement foresees consumer spending falling about 30%, and business investment dropping even more […] More

Next Week’s Menu: May 2-8, 2020

May 1, 2020

Central Banks: Monetary policies will be reviewed in Australia, Russia, Chile, Peru, the U.K., Malaysia, the Czech Republic, Norway, and Brazil. The Bank of England publishes a quarterly Inflation Report, and Governor Bailey presides over a press conference. Purchasing Manager Surveys: PMIs get released on every day of next week. The largest number will cover […] More

Central Bank of Turkey Reduces 1-Week Repo rate to 8.75% from 9.75%

April 22, 2020

The Central Bank of Turkey’s one-week repo rate was cut twice as much as anticipated at today’s scheduled review of monetary policy. From 12% at the start of 2020, the rate has been lowered in each month and now becomes 8.75% after today’s full percentage point cut. A released statement observes that the global and […] More

Bank of Mexico Cuts Policy Rate for Third Time since February

April 22, 2020

The Bank of Mexico Governing Board held an unscheduled meeting, cutting its policy rate for the third time this year. Along with reductions of 25 basis points in February and 50 bps in March, today’s 50-basis point decline reduces the rate to 6.0%. Policymakers also put together $31 billion of additional support “to foster an […] More