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To Whom it May Concern

September 2, 2014

Currency Thoughts attracts a steady stream of propositions, most lacking one key element which is a stated fixed money sum that will be paid to the business, Currency Thoughts, if the request is accepted.  Some people propose partnerships.  Others seek to advertise.  Various affiliate programs promise to grow traffic on Currency Thoughts.  Some of the […] More

Blast from the Past with Lessons for the Present and Future

July 20, 2014

I’ve accumulated way too much paper stuff in my four decades as a currency market watcher and, out of necessity, find myself culling files on a lot of weekends.  This is generally tedious work, but every once in a while I find something I wrote that represents a career milestone as I did today.  It’s […] More

Germany and Russia: A Parallel

March 26, 2014

Authoritarian governments in Germany and Russia during the twentieth century committed atrocities against their own people and those of surrounding countries, which were annexed.  After surrendering unconditionally in 1945, Germany lost its conquered lands and had its own territory divided and overseen initially by the allies that had won the European theater of WW2.  Greater […] More

Comment on Long-Term U.S. Unemployment and the Baby Boomer Generation

February 19, 2014

The lengthy duration of U.S. unemployment has lately captured greater attention than the overall jobless rate, which has fallen to just above the Fed’s original labor market threshold guiding monetary policy.  Within the segment of labor force members, who need a job but have been out of work for a half year or more, a […] More

Reunion Weekend Reflections

October 21, 2013

There’s nothing quite like a high school reunion for reconnecting with our younger selves and painting a broad perspective around the current times and the journey that took each of us from there to here.  Amid the conversation, laughter and hugs, these gatherings provide a trove of treasures for this market commentator.  Here’s some of […] More

World Series Preview

October 20, 2013

This will be the fourth meeting of Cards and Sox since 1946 when the Red Birds won after Enos Slaughter scored from first base on a single.  Maybe Jacoby Ellsbury can return the favor.  I saw the Sox clinch Al pennant in 1967 from the right field bleachers, beating the twins.  They then lost in […] More

Policy Crime and Punishment

October 15, 2013

A frequent question today on business talk radio and television asked about the likely financial and economic consequences if a U.S. default, even one in only a technical and brief sense, is not averted after Thursday, and the answers varied but for the most past were kept vague with good reason.  This is uncharted territory […] More

Greed, Anger, and Unhappiness

September 11, 2013

In Oliver Stone’s 1987 movie Wall Street, Gordon Kekko famously proclaims that “Greed is good.”  Greed is the emotion behind the desire to maximize profit, income and wealth, and the maximization of such things lies at the core of a capitalist price system for allocating and distributing products, services, and returns to factors of production.  […] More

Getting Well

July 12, 2013

A nasty bout of bronchitis has come between me and the reliably useful steady flow of timely information that can be found on Currency Thoughts.  Doing the heavy work required by this blog and restoring health are not a realistic combination of priorities.  For now, getting well will have to take precedence, and Currency Thoughts […] More

Four Concerns

April 22, 2013

The Mounting Reliance of Developed Economies on Intelligence-Intensive Growth.  A developing economy can accelerate its rate of growth by combining under-employed labor with imported technologies that boost their productivity (the amount of product or service that can be made in a finite period of time worked).  More workers using the same tools produce more output.   […] More