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Happy 210th Birthday, Abe and Charles

February 12, 2019

Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were each born on February 12, 1809. No single day in history has yielded a duo that arguably went on to exert as much influence on mankind as that one. It is with a touch of irony that from present time one looks back on the legacy of those men. […] More

Jackson and Trump

September 24, 2018

Andrew Jackson, who led America from 1829 to 1837, is President Trump’s favorite former U.S. president. Photo ops of the current president at his oval office desk prominently display a portrait of the seventh president on the wall. And indeed the two men, separated by nearly two centuries, are true soul mates in temperament as […] More

Yanks May Be Hunting for a Pitcher via Trade But Such Acquisitions Tend to Be Hit or Miss

July 20, 2018

A theme in the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry this year is that the Yankees, who have an abundance of talented position players in the minors, will acquire a top gun pitcher to fortify their suspect starting rotation before the end-of-July deadline for non-waiver player trades. Such moves carry two risks. First, the Yankees have a checkered […] More

Yankees and Red Sox Next Opponents Both Have Poor Pre-All Star Game Records

July 19, 2018

Pitching match-ups in the three upcoming Yankee games and three up coming Red Sox games cast possible further light on some of the points made in my earlier posts on this Eastern Division Rivalry. The Yankees will be facing their cross-town National League representative, the New York Mets, who have a record of 39 wins […] More

Second Place Yankees Achieved Greater Success than Red Sox against Top Teams

July 18, 2018

The New York Yankees at the all-star break have the second best record in major league baseball, winning 65.3% of the 95 games that they have played. The Yankees play in the same Eastern Division of the American League as do the Red Sox, and a fairly significant gap between their records has developed since […] More

Red Sox Face a Tougher Schedule Going Forward

July 16, 2018

If the 2018 major league baseball season ended at the all-star break, the Red Sox record against the nine other teams to make post-season play would be merely 10 wins and 10 loss, warranting a win-some-lose-some grade of C. To be sure, the Red Sox at 68-30 have a better overall record than the other […] More

Few Red Sox Weaknesses

July 16, 2018

The Red Sox reached Major League baseball’s all-star game break with a combination of relentless hitting and a stable of top pitchers. The Sox sport a team batting average of 0.272, 0.011 better than the next highest BA in the American league, and they have the hitters with the top and third highest individual batting […] More

Baseball All-Star Break

July 15, 2018

In part, I was attracted to a lifetime career as a currency market watcher and analyst because of an earlier passion for major league baseball. Both fields yield reams of data that evolve on a daily basis. Following day to day changes in the rankings of the European Monetary System felt similar to monitoring day […] More

Is It Time to Push Back Against Coming Inflation?

June 30, 2017

Fixed income sovereign debt yields have been rising. The Federal Reserve has already raised the federal funds rate four times and is promising more increases as well as separate actions to begin trimming its $4.5 trillion balance sheet. ECB President drew attention after observing that forces of reflation are displacing forces of deflation, and a […] More

Ask Your Doctor TV Ads

March 29, 2017

Few issues have proven more contentious in the U.S. political debate than health care. Because of a quirk of history, America alone relies on employers to arrange deals and pay for a significant share of the health care bill. The fault lines in the health care debate are over breadth of coverage, its cost, the┬áproper […] More