Foreign Exchange Insights and Next Week

Next Week

July 21, 2017

Central Bank: Monetary policy meetings in the United States (but no press conference afterwards), Brazil, Russia, Turkey and Colombia. Bank of Japan to release a “summary” of its July meeting and minutes from its June Board meeting. Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Lowe speaks publicly. Special Event: Meeting scheduled for Monday in St. Petersburg, Russia […] More

Next Week

July 14, 2017

Central Banks: The European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, South African Reserve Bank, Bank Indonesia and Magyar Nemzeti Bank will hold monetary policy meetings. Minutes from the last Reserve Bank of Australia meeting and an updated Bank of Japan Outlook will be published. ECB President Draghi and BOJ Governor Kuroda will preside over press conferences. […] More

Dollar Possibly on Course for a Perfect Storm of Uncertain Timing

July 10, 2017

A term often mentioned today in assessments of the Hamburg Summit has been the G19. With the United States delegation marching to its own drumbeat, the other nineteen governments agreed to coordinate on a host of policies for their mutual benefit and to proceed in effect as a Group of Nineteen. If the U.S. renounces […] More

Next Week

July 8, 2017

Holiday: French Bastille Day on Friday, July 14. Central Banks: Monetary policy meetings in Canada, Israel, Serbia, Peru, Malaysia, and South Korea. Chair Janet Yellen delivers her semi-annual testimony to the House Banking Committee on Wednesday and will reprise such before the Senate Financial Services Committee on Thursday; unless renominated by President Trump, this will […] More

Next Week

June 30, 2017

Central Banks: Monetary policy meetings in Australia, Thailand, Ukraine, Poland and Romania. FOMC minutes, ECB Account (like minutes), and the Bank of Japan quarterly Tankan survey of businesses will be published. Powell and Bullard are two of the Federal Reserve officials who’ll speak publicly. Holidays: Canada Day to be observed Monday. U.S. Treasury market closes […] More

Populism Not a Good Recipe for Currency Strength

June 28, 2017

Among highly developed countries, the United States and Great Britain are some of the best examples in which the politics of populism has made the greatest inroads. Sterling is roughly 14% weaker now against the dollar than when the Brexit referendum was approved a little over a year ago, but even the pound has appreciated […] More

Next Week

June 23, 2017

Holidays: For post-Ramadan celebrations, Indonesia will be closed all week, and India and Singapore are to be shut on Monday. Friday marks the end of June and second quarter. Central Banks: Monetary policy meetings in the Czech Republic and Sri Lanka. A summary of the Bank of Japan’s Board meeting in mid-June will be published. […] More

A Tale of Two Currencies: the Dollar and Sterling

June 20, 2017

The political landscapes in the United States and Great Britain underwent transforming change during the past year. In the pendulum that ranges from globalism to nationalism, each of these countries took a decisive turn away from an international orientation. Tighter control over immigration featured prominently in the U.K. decision to leave the European Union and […] More

Next Week

June 16, 2017

Central Banks: Monetary policy meetings in the Philippines, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand and Hungary. Bullard, Dudley, Mester, Kaplan, Fisher, and Evans are Fed officials who will speak publicly. So will JorTdan of the SNB and Kuroda of the BOJ. Special Event: Second runoff round of French Parliamentary election on the 18th. Japanese Data: Trade balance, […] More

Next Week

June 10, 2017

Central Banks: Monetary policy reviews are scheduled in the United States, U.K., Switzerland, Japan, Russia, South Korea and Turkey. The FOMC, which appears likely to raise the federal funds target, will also release fresh forecasts, and the meeting will be followed by a press conference presided over by Chair Janet Yellen. Special Events: Brexit talks […] More