Central Bank Watch

ECB Decisions and Draghi Press Conference

June 14, 2018

Investors found the ECB message today somewhat more dovish than feared. To be sure, the released introductory statement confirmed that new asset purchases will be completed by the end of this year. Draghi’s statement asserts that “progress towards a sustained adjustment in inflation has been substantial so far. With longer-term inflation expectations well anchored, the […] More

Monetary Policy on Hold at Central Bank of Chile

June 14, 2018

The monetary policy rate has been 2.5% since four 25-basis point cuts implemented within the first five months of 2017, and yesterday’s decision announced late in the day again resulted from a unanimous vote. Officials released a statement that revised the near-term inflation forecast upward due to oil price developments and a depreciated Chilean peso, […] More

FOMC Statement and Forecasts

June 13, 2018

Today’s FOMC statement raises the federal funds rate by 25 basis points to a target of 1.75-2.0%, depicts a tighter labor market, upgrades the assessment of personal consumption recent conditions, and deletes the prior observation that market-based measures of inflation are low. The statement also introduces the assertion that inflation consistent with the Committee’s symmetric […] More

Central Bank of Iceland Retains 4.25% Key Interest Rate

June 13, 2018

Iceland’s 7-day term interest rate has been at 4.25% since a 25-basis point cut last October, which culminated a 4-step easing cycle that included 25-bp cuts in May and June of last year and an initial 50-bp downmove in August 2016. These reductions exactly reversed three previous rate hikes done in June, August and November […] More

Central Reserve Bank of Peru

June 8, 2018

Peru’s central bank policy rate was kept steady at 2.75%. That’s the level reached after a string of alternate odd-numbered monthly 25-basis point cuts beginning in May 2017 and ending in March 2018. A statement released by the BCRP Board asserts that whereas CPI inflation of 0.9% on year in May lay below the target […] More

Turkish Monetary Policy Tightened Significantly Further

June 7, 2018

With PPI inflation over 20% and CPI inflation above 12%, monetary officials raised Turkey’s one-week repo rate by an additional 125 basis points to 17.75%, bringing the increase of that newly designated main policy rate to 9.75 percentage points in the past ten days. In a statement from the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central […] More

National Bank of Serbia

June 7, 2018

Serbia’s key interest rate has been cut twice already this year by 25 basis points each in March and April, but the latest review left the rate unchanged at 3.0%. According to a statement from the Executive Board of the central bank there, the earlier easing should help lift April’s 1.1% on-year inflation rate, and […] More

Reserve Bank of India

June 6, 2018

A trend reversal in the interest rate cycle has occurred. For the first time since January 2014, monetary officials raised their key repo and reverse repo rates to 6.25% and 6.0%, respectively. Although the future rate bias remains “neutral,” a released statement presents a picture of greater upside inflationary risk despite recently lower food cost […] More

National Bank of Poland

June 6, 2018

The Polish central bank reference rate will stay at 1.5%, its level since cuts of 50 basis points each in January and March of 2015. According to a released statement, “Notwithstanding relatively high economic growth and wages rising faster than in the previous year, consumer price growth remains moderate. Inflation net of food and energy […] More

Australian Monetary Policy Stance Still on Hold

June 5, 2018

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s official cash rate was last changed in August 2016 when it was cut 25 basis points to 1.50%. Each ensuing policy review — done once every month except January — has stuck with that status quo, although the direction of the rate’s next change is more likely to be up […] More